Our company MAXX Cargo Ltd is focused on international road cargo transport. We can offer own vehicles or various vehicles from hundreds our partners. Thanks to our partners, we can offer vehicles with big range tonnage pick-up (500 kg) until to fullvehicled truck shipments (25 t). If you need to transport whatever load, contact us, and we'll find that right vehicle for delivering your shipment to target.

We offer transport in whole Europe including previous SNS states and Balcan. Our specialities are: Germany, Benelux, United Kingdom, France, Italy, SPain, SLovakia and Hungary.

For bigger shipments (for example from one sender to various recipients) we uses own storage for displacement and next distribution Usages of this store is possible without transport services, too.

Our services advantages

  • semi-trailer with canvas roof knows like „MEGA“ (height under cover 3m, capacity 100 m3)
    Enough space for your load, or If no, we'll find a better deliver way for your shipment.
  • Vehicles with emission class EURO 5
    Modern vehicles are sparing againt nature.
  • vehicle monitoring by GPS system
    Our operator have preview for current location of your shipment and you, too.
  • insurance against steal up to 10 mil. CZK
    We knows, that your load have a expensiveness for you.
  • Two-man crew in every cargo vehicle
    Regular alternation shortes transport time
  • Veicles are 2 years old average
    We do not allows to our vehicles get old and get unreliable.


Reliability of all our vehicles is supported by NON-STOP assistent service Mercedes-Benz, which acts in more than 2500 authorized car service in whole Europe. Pokud by se tedy během přepravy vyskytl If will be occur any problem, we are able to resolve it so quickly and safely, and we can prevent shining delaying and problems.

What we can offer yet?

  • Domestic cargo traffic
  • International feeder service
  • International transport by attesting system (half-way charges)
  • Air transport and shipping
  • Storing
  • Tariff services

If your request is missing in our published offers, please contact us and we will try to maximal satisfy your request.