Vehicle fleet -

We can offer a vehicles of various sizes from our carlot. We together choose that such type, which is better for delivering a shipment to target.

  • Vehicles are 2 years old average, and we are certain, that our vehicles are fullproof.
  • We monitore our vehicles by GPS system and we can everytime advise of location of your load and arrival time.
  • Two-man crew allows regular alternation and therefore is a transport time shorted.
  • Reliability of all our vehicles is supported by NON-STOP assistent service Mercedes-Benz, which acts in more than 2500 authorized car service in whole Europe.
  • Vehicles with emission class EURO 5 are sparing against nature.


- 34 pal.places / 24 t
- 100 m3
- three sides lumping
- possibillity to load by crane

Internal parameters: 13,6x2,48x3m


- 15 pal.places / 3,3 t
- 40 m3
- side lumping

Internal parameters: 6,50x2,40x2,40m


- 5 pal.places / 1,4 t
- 13,1 m3
- express vehicle

Internal parameters: 4,25x1,50x1,77m